SECTION 1: Personal Information
Elifbe App:
• Does not collect any identifiable personal information from users.
• Does not use any analytic software that tracks users.
• Does not ask the users’ Geographic Location.
• Does not collect any financial and payment information, authentication
Information, phonebook, contacts SMS and call-related data, microphone and
Camera sensor data, and sensitive device or usage data.
SECTION 2: App Free
Elifbe App is free and does not contain any In-App purchases.
SECTION 3: Advertising
Elifbe App does not include Google Ad Mob advertisements.
SECTION 4: Links within Apps
Elifbe App:
• Does not link to any third-person website.
• Does not link to any social media networks.
Questions and Contact Information
Contacts: If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at
With our Privacy Compliance Officer.